Havergal Marketing provides the full range of services and expertise necessary for the successful distribution of FMCG’s across Zimbabwe.


Our warehouse located in Msasa Park, Harare is an organised and centralised space and is used as a safe storage and processing facility. We also have two large cold rooms to house our more perishable products such as baking fats, margarine and chocolates.


Our fleet of four branded trucks, manned by our trained staff safely transport products in a timely and efficient manner daily. In addition, in order to enhance service delivery to customers out of Harare, we operate from a distribution depot in Bulawayo, servicing the southern part of the country. This allows us to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction even in the rural areas, where geographical location is for many organizations a challenge to successful distribution.

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Our reputation as one of the top distribution companies in the countries has ensured we have been able to supply products to all the leading retailers, wholesalers and industrial companies across the country. In addition to our far-reaching network of customers, we also attend to walk-in customers as well as serving the local hospitality and service sectors to notable brands such as Cresta? Names?. We also support independent retail and wholesale customers throughout the country.


Our Sales and Merchandising Department has grown into a professional team of over 25 trained and dedicated salespeople managed by a National Sales Manager. They are specialized in offering personalized service to each and everyone one of our clients and whose tasks range from product placement, promotions and order generating with the target stores. They also prepare reports for the customers so strategy can be quickly adjusted to ensure the fastest sales of our supplied products.

In addition, our team undertake extensive and continuous qualitative and quantitative market research and provide a report on their findings.

We also regularly participate in promotional activities and have had a number of successful campaigns with retail and wholesale outlets such as Pick n Pay, Spar, Mahomed Mussa and N.Richards. We have a dedicated team of product promoters interacting with customers and sampling products at store level.

For each of our key brands, we have a brand manager with a specific focus on establishing, maintaining and growing relationships with customers, aimed at enhancing and increasing brand presence, customer awareness and sales.

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